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5 Keys to a More Joy-FULL Life – Key #5: Embrace the ‘Blessons’

Dear %$firstname$%,

personal note from Rhonda

Our most important insights and memorable ‘ah-ha’s’ often come hidden in the hardest times that test us the most. This makes them difficult to recognize and even harder to welcome.

‘Blessons’ (blessings+lessons) become more apparent when you are willing stop fighting against your circumstances, for what you resist, persists.

Treasured gifts are yours when you dare to hold life with a looser grip, become flexible enough to learn from whatever the situation, and accept that control is merely an illusion. Change is the only thing that is certain. Greater peace is yours if you foster the habit to awaken each morning and begin your day, making your decisions and guiding your thoughts as if the Universe is friendly. You become truly free when you realize this.

We all put so much effort into trying to stay in our comfort zone. We want so much for life to be easy and free of bumps, however deep and meaningful happiness happens at the edge of your comfort zone, not in it.

What if you showed up as if each hardship or obstacle had hidden gifts and searched for them rather than cursed them? What if you looked for the ‘blessons’ rather than use your precious energy complaining? Those who are willing to embrace and apply the the hard-earned lessons gain durable blessings and deep joy beyond measure. They are the ones who know that happiness is deep and abiding.

Be grateful for everything, good and bad. Become thankful for everything. Don’t just mouth the words of gratitude, but feel them deep in your core. Especially important is to welcoming the emotions that burst forth as a creative force, there to show you how deeply magnificent you are.

By following this and the other 4 ways to stay positive everyday will certainly benefit you and others around you.

Joy-fully each and every ‘blesson,’

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