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A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste

I find it insightful that the ancient Chinese hexagram for crisis means both danger and opportunity. If we are wise we understand that we are the one who can influence the outcome. This year is in our hands.

Stress is not a bad thing. What makes it good or bad is what we do with each obstacle or concern through our thoughts and actions. Whether we choose to react or respond is what defines it as a detriment or an opportunity.

Getting stuck here at this choice point is something we do, our friends do, and countries do. War within or without is the result.

Is there another way? We are called to take the next step, and the choice of what direction we lean into is ours. It is this (even) baby step that will make the significant difference.

To respond rather than react is the conscious choice we are called to make if we are to move beyond believing war is an inevitable means of solving a problem. By looking for the opportunity or simple joy in each challenge, each crisis, each stressful situation, we refocus our attention on possibility, and therefore embrace peace instead of war, happiness instead of depression. We become the change we want to see in the world.

The accumulative energy generated by holding hands with those willing to do the same creates and sustains the momentum for positive change we need right now. Becoming determined to recognize the choice point and take the higher road is a courageous evolutionary act.

Crisis reveals opportunity. Along with disappointments, loss, heart ache and overwhelm also come the opportunity to connect more authentically, forgive more deeply, love unconditionally, and become more creative.

As an instrument of our conscious evolution and to actively participate in the generation of sustainable happiness, all we need do is recognize this choice point. Respond rather than react, forgive rather than judge, collaborate rather than compete, make love, not war, inside and out. Any step is valued. Repeat over and over.

Don’t allow yourself to be defeated by crisis. Don’t waste the opportunities it brings. Open to the possibilities and lessons woven within each obstacle instead, determined to transform. Expect the miracle to be there, if they aren’t, create them, and be willing to harvest the benefits.

This way LovEvolves. This way we are sure to have a Happy New Year all year long… to infinity and beyond.

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