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A Fathers Day

personal note from Rhonda

I have two grand-nephews, Connor and Carson. Connor was diagnosed with cancer at barely 2 when Carson was only 4 months old. I spent about a year as a part of Connor’s support circle as he successfully maneuvered a bone marrow transplant. During that difficult time his dad would commute back and forth as he could from their home and his work in Alaska to Children’s Hospital in Seattle. He was an active presence for both of the boys, and when he couldn’t be there, he regularly stayed in touch by Skype.

My son-in-law is a road

My oldest daughter waited a bit before marrying Trevor, then soon came Brody, then Brynn. Trevor is a tall guy passionate about football and was delighted to have a son, Brody, and then Brynn who has him wrapped around her little finger.

I admire Trevor because he has always celebrated what Brody CAN do rather than regret what he CAN’T do, and still it brought him immeasurable joy to see is son catch a ball. That moment opened another door to ways he might be able to connect more often with his son. Brody is brilliant and has come so far. He is about to complete second grade, still has a few rough social edges, and would much rather play video games than football, however Trevor, also a road warrior to support the financial challenges as a result of autism, is fully engaged and present when he can be with both is kids and loves them unconditionally. And, so far it appears that Brynn might be the athlete following in her father’s footsteps as long as the uniform can be pink!

So, today I celebrate these three special fathers in my life. They dare to learn from their mistakes, savor each moment, open their hearts wide, and eventually remember to choose to be happy over being right. I feel so very blessed to have them in my life and I know my own dad would be very proud of them, too.

Wishing joy to all father who put their conscious touch on raising good and happy humans by daring to be humble and vulnerable, loving their children unconditionally.


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