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A Jump Start for Happiness – Rhonda Hull, Ph.D.

As a child one of my favorite T.V. shows was Engineer Bill. Dressed in a train engineer’s overalls this cartoon host would made a game of drinking milk. On a green signal he would say GO and viewers would drink, and when he said STOP, we did. So, reflecting back on the antics of Engineer Bill it prompted this simple way to remember some key ‘rules for the road’.

STOP doing what isn’t working. GO do something else, anything else and shift your focus to what is working.

STOP listening to the news when you fist wake up in the morning or before you go to bed. GO do something or read something that fills you up and renews your spirit, like meditation, yoga, music, inspirational material.

STOP exaggerating what is most fearful or depressing. GO get the support and guidance you need to change it (sell it, burn it, leave it, heal it, clean it and see it differently.

STOP holding your breath. Exhale fear. Inhale love. GO breathe deeply and give a big sigh often.

STOP trying to control everything and everyone. GO accept that control is only an illusion. Do what you can and learn to go with the flow of life. Learn to embrace and make friends with change.

STOP being so hard on yourself GO strive for excellence, not perfection.

STOP clinging to unrealistic expectations GO set manageable goals and celebrate incremental steps

STOP sitting on the ‘pitty-potty’feeling sorry for yourself. GO find a way to assist others and be of service where you can contribute your talents, time and resources.

STOP waiting until you feel like it or until it’s too late. GO enjoy life now. It is the only moment you really have.

STOP being lethargic and reclusive. GO walk, run, swing, square dance, swim for at least 20 minutes a day.

STOP hanging onto worry and your negative thoughts. GO accept you are pretty amazing simply because you breathe!

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