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A Massive Outbreak of Peace!

New peacemakers have emerged in the 21st century. They’re not political leaders. They’re not savvy diplomats. They are not only famous rock stars and billionaires. They’re women and men like you and me.

Together, holding hands and sensing the truth beyond circumstances, seeing beyond our limiting beliefs, we dare to remember our magnificence. Women reclaim our voices, and we invite the men in our lives to reconnect with their hearts. It is only together that we can manifest the balance and compassion needed and called for by love.

Together, in this circle of connection, we intend that there be peace… we choose to see it amidst hard times, we celebrate it with each smile, we call for it through our tears, we taste it, walk for it, teach about it, sing it, write about it, paint it, trust it, design our work around it, pray for it, stretch for it, encourage with it, bless the ill with it, smother our grandchildren in it, heal with it, meditate on it, surrender to it, nurture ourselves with it, wish on a star for it, have our words and actions match it, dream about it, are an activist for it, gather in it’s name, share it with every embrace or gentle thought for another, embody it by remembering who we really are. And, we forgive the rest, letting it go to be transformed back into what it has always really been… peace.

The massive outbreak is here, and we are it. We are the ordinary extraordinary ones daring to BE peace, holding its vision in every breath.

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