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A Note From the Road – Reflections on Where I Am

I am off to be with Connor, my grand-nephew healing from leukemia. Please hold him in your heart. For the next year he is at between Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House… an amazing place. Tomorrow he will undergo another day of blood tests, chemo, and be sedated for a bone marrow biopsy and infusion. Such a little guy, barely two, with round chipmunk cheeks and a bald head from this harsh treatment.

His parents are strong and exhausted. Hopeful and concerned. Mom and little brother are with Connor, and Dad is in Alaska. They are weary, for right now their watch seems endless. and confined. Freedom is such a treasure.

How can a couple of days and my hands make any difference in the big picture? When and how should I help? How do I know when to focus on my life to sustain it and when to abandon everything to make a challenge easier for another? Both are called for. I ask for that still voice within to speak a little louder.

So many questions and feeling swirl in my head. A deep breath calls me back to the present moment. This day faces me with opportunities, possibilities, and miracles if I am willing to see them. I will merely follow my heart and know that if I walk with love , for them and for myself, then I am right where I am meant to be.

I am learning much, stretching my knowing, and expanding my ability to see and be love, to be loved. To be beloved.

So, I am off just to BE. To BE LOVE. To LOVE. To EVOLVE. To LOVEVOLVELOVE with an open and willing heart.

May you consciously embrace your day… each moment…in gratitude and with joy.


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