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Questions to Catch Your Blind Spots, Tune Your Engine, Recharge Your Battery, Fill Up Your Tank, and Stay On Course on Your Road of Happiness


As a regular tune-up tool, ask yourself one or all of these questions regularly, especially when you get stuck or detoured. From your answers, create a list of manageable and measurable authentic action steps to chart your course and ensure an enjoyable journey. Move forward, through your fear and resistance, and choose your attitude. Regular tune-ups insure that what’s under the hood continues to operate in a way that you can be happy regardless of the circumstances.

On the Road of Principles, Values and Beliefs:

~ What are my bottom line principles, values and beliefs that I want to use as the compass for my life?

  1. What is their order of importance?

  2. Which one(s) do I need to focus on and recommit to currently to be on a path of purpose and happiness?

  3. Where and how can I have my words and actions match to reflect these values more consistently?

  4. Can I do this willingly, recognizing that although I cannot choose my circumstances I can choose my perspective?

  5. What places am I out of balance, detouring down the wrong road or wasting energy?

  6. Where can I adjust to regain balance and get my tires back in alignment?

  7. What small adjustments in my direction am I willing to make at this time?

  8. What mistakes of my own or others do I need to forgive to be present now?

On the Road of Choice:

  1. Am I willing to no longer be a back seat driver of life, judging and blaming others, and telling them what to do?

  2. What small step can I take in each major area of my life to get back on course?

  3. How will I celebrate and acknowledge small victories?

  4. What specific things have I been avoiding and procrastinating about?

  5. Am I willing to strive for excellence, not perfection?

  6. Am I willing to see mistakes as opportunities to learn?

  7. What mistakes have I made recently?

  8. What have I learned and am willing to apply?

  9. Am I willing to no longer live in reverse, wasting energy reliving my mistake?

On the Road of Purpose:

  1. What are my deepest and most heartfelt desires, and creative vision if I believed I could not fail?

  2. Where am I off purpose and why?

  3. What are the deep and meaningful things that I have been afraid to ask for?

  4. What do I believe would happen to me if I did not get what I want?

  5. What do I feel would happen if I did get what I want?

  6. What are my ten-year goals? Five year? One year? One month? Today?

  7. Where do I need to clarify my goals and take action?

  8. Am I willing to be committed AND flexible?

  9. Where are places and ways that I can acknowledge my talents, and give them for the joy of giving rather than expecting anything in return?

  10. How can I create a greater sense of meaning in my life today?

  11. What are simple pleasures I overlook?

  12. What are ways that I can develop my intuition and deepen my sense of inner listening?

  13. List the ten greatest pieces of wisdom or insights that I know.

On the Road of Happiness and Peace:

  1. When do I feel the greatest happiness in my life?

  2. What can I do to have more fun in all areas of my life?

  3. What is the first thing I think and say each day?

  4. What is the way I end my day?

  5. Am I asking for what I want?

  6. Am I listening for the answer, willing to receive it regardless of its form?

  7. Am I willing to look for the blessing in even the greatest challenges?

  8. Am I aware when I drift from present moment thinking?

  9. What way do I bring myself back to center?

  10. What daily steps am I willing to take not to have greater peace, clarity, balance, congruence and happiness in my life.

  11. When can I develop greater compassion and better genuine listening?

  12. How can I be more authentic?

  13. What activities lead me to greater stillness and confidence?

  14. If love is the answer to any question, what questions in my life need to be answered with love?

On the Road of Love, Acceptance, and Acknowledgment:

  1. Where am I going in reverse in blame, guilt, regrets or judgments, wasting time or distracting myself from what is truly important now?

  2. What are the old beliefs, excuses, or self-criticism I use to keep me stuck in the mud?

  3. Where have I detoured from positive and loving thoughts?

  4. What misbeliefs am I willing to adjust at this time.

  5. What is my greatest fear(s)?

  6. Is the FEAR a False Expectation Appearing Real?

  7. Where do I feel vulnerable, hurt, or a victim of life?

  8. What stresses me?

  9. Where do I see myself as inadequate and not like myself?

  10. Am I willing to commit to seeing myself as adequate and loving?

  11. How do I perceive my strengths as weaknesses?

  12. What major roadblocks need to be resolved?

  13. What ways can I step back into the driver’s seat?

On the Road of a New Perspective:

  1. What are my expectations for myself? What is my purpose?

  2. What is my personal definition for success?

  3. Where do I hold myself back?

  4. Am I willing to change my direction?

  5. What are the expectations of others that I am driven and detoured by? Boss? Work? Spouse? Parents? Friends?

  6. Do I have supportive traveling companions on the road of life at work, at home, and with friends?

  7. If not, why?

  8. What steps am I willing to take to choose supportive traveling companions.

  9. How can I improve my communication and inter-personal skills?

  10. In what ways am I not speaking up and not being honest?

  11. What run away negative or limiting thoughts or judgments keep steering me off course?

  12. What key choices am I ready to make to choose my own gear and direction?

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