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A Wonder

Being a grandma is a wonder, a significant role, and my most treasured. It is a powerful form of love not fully imaginable until I found myself at this moment on my journey. I promised to all three of my little guys, each with their unique personality and purpose, that I would be more than just a photograph to them regardless of how important other things seem. They can trust me to hold them with unconditional love from where ever I am, overcoming the limits of time and space. They can lean on me, learn from me, laugh (and cry) with me, and I will reflect back to them their magnificence. Together we access joy, stretch rules, are silly, play across the boundaries of age, and live within the magic of love. My time with them fills my heart, and our own happiness is the greatest gift we can give another.

Especially now we need good, strong, and tender men, and so I will be the voice that reminds them of the majesty and gift of their spirit, the benefits of honoring the mystery and strength of women, the insight in being powerful rather than forceful, the importance of listening with compassion, the essence of forgiveness, the need to hold joy as a priority, the accountability of co-creation, and their responsibility in contributing to peace.

There is nothing more important that to offer ample and conscious amounts of love to innocence, fostering imagination and sharing from the heart. My love for them and my role as their grandma Tutu prevailed last night and I made reservations to visit to my grandguys soon. Contrary to the ’shoulds’ that ramble through my head saying that there is too much to do and not enough time, the thought of these three little faces called me to refocus, put first things first, and remember that the world is abundant.

Relationships with a little one are such a prosperous experiences. There is nothing like a game of hide and seek, being present to witness the overflowing giggles of spontaneous joy merely because it is morning, those sacred moments snuggling in the middle of the night to dissolve fears, or an unexpectedly intimate moment amidst daily busy-ness where you place your trust and know your peace in the arms of another. One might say that I can’t afford to go, but the truth is that I cannot afford not to go for I take my role seriously. Loving these little people into all they can be is one of my most important contributions to peace.

After a blustery, volatile and unpredictable storm here last night, today the sky is blue, the clouds are puffy, the air crisp and the sun is bold at this moment, the only moment that really is. The darkness reveals the light. From the winds and the rain emerged the promises of spring, tenderness and connection that hold up the truth of each leaf bending under the weight of what was. If only we could remember more consistently that change is good and happiness is a journey, not a destination.

What miracles and insights await me? A wonder. I wonder. I will share it all with Parker, Cohen and Brody.

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