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And So There Must Come an End

And So There Must Come an End Living life with love, laughter and Stage 4 Bowel Cancer

Dear Ones I love and appreciate soooooooo much,

I am reminded that now is the moment I have. We have ever so much to be grateful for and we have the ability to choose where we place our focus. We continue to hurdle some big and small obstacles at least knowing we have the support from our dysFUNctional family and friends that we know we could call at 4am and still be loved.

And we can choose joy regardless of the circumstances, link arms, love one another no matter what, shortcomings and all, get depressed and exhausted sometimes, forgive always and quickly, let go of judgments of others and ourselves, do what we can, be who we are, learn to give and receive and to love ourselves in the process, dare more to be good human beings knowing that this is true even when we mess up, allow what is with gratitude, and giggle laugh big with enough courage to pee our pants when even a bad joke strikes us to be funny enough as we maneuver this uncertain and unjust world.

Even in the cracks there is love and we are one. Ahhhhh, the perfection of it all!

I treasure you all! I didn’t want this day to go by without telling you.




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