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Are You a DIP

Everywhere I look people seem to have a furrowed brow and stuck in a rut. They go about their business feeling alone in their struggles and low spot. They seem to miss the simple opportunities to laugh amidst the challenges, forget that there are others willing to offer support if not help, and have forgotten it is possible to feel content even when things are far from perfect.

Are you a DIP?

When we view our world from a depressed spot, we experience just that…a depression. Viewing life through a roadblock of exaggerated independence causes us to perceive ourselves as isolated and alone, not realizing that it is self-generated.

Depression and discontent threaten happiness at epidemic proportions in our busy world. Some of us feel down. Operating on fumes, we still manage to keep a false smile. Isolation is misinterpreted as healthy independence. Dysfunctionally Independent People often use their obsessive self-sufficiency to disguise their fears and insecurities, never asking for help.

To get out of your DIP, reach out. Receiving and giving is a complete gift exchange. Receiving help is not a selfish act, but becomes our joyful responsibility. Taking responsibility for our own joy is the greatest gift we can give another. Our willingness to connect and to ask for help from another allows them to reach beyond their own DIP-ness and into their own heart to be of service, causing them to experience and feel their own magnificence.

When we look beyond our own pain and despair, and distract ourselves by acknowledging another, we often receive the unanticipated gift that puts our own tribulations into perspective. Our hearts will feel full when we feel we have made a difference, even if in a small and simple way. In so doing we come through being a DIP and find our way back to the happiness highway!

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