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Happiness really is durable. It is like the sun, it just is. Sometimes our access is obscurred by clouds and storms, but behind the circumstance that temporarily gets in the way, the warmth of the sun awaits us and faith showers us when we remember that the light of happiness is there for us if we allow ourselves to float through the obstacles and rise above our challenges.

I have a dear woman friend. Although we are like-minded and connected souls, we seldom manage to get together in person. She sent me an email to cancel a much awaited walk. Though brief, I found it revealing, rich and important.

She started by saying, “I had the most awful/joyful/thankful experience yesterday. Got a call on the way home that let me know that my daughter had wrecked our car.”

My friend’s chain of words captured the journey of happiness regardless of the circumstances. Happiness is vibrant, and like balance, is not stagnant, but very alive. In an instant she saw the circumstances of her daughter’s accident from several perspectives. Yes, it was horrible that her daughter totalled the car and experienced a near tragic accident. And, at the same time the blessing to be had was thather daughter escaped uninjured. Material things just don’t seem to matter as much when push comes to shove. It truly was joyful and awful at the same time. Gratitude is always the door that leads to authentic happiness and unconditional love. She was thankful, and in spite of the inconveniences and challenges, there were blessings and lessons to be had by all.

My friend went on to share… “You should see this for yourself, she totaled out my car on her way to church, and walked away without a scratch! She was so lucky… I’m just still in shock and so amazed that she wasn’t injured. She’s having a pretty rough time coming to grips with it. She looked down, and then started to go off the road, then over corrected, then flipped and rolled into the ditch. She had to crawl out the back window that was broken out. Can’t make our walk. I know you understand.”

Life is messy, and sometimes rough, especially when we go unconscious. Mistakes are hard to accept, but they offer the opportunity to see things differently. How often do we go unconscious for a split second and have our life flip over and over, crash and burn! We then ‘over-correct’ and eventually fins a new way out, and if we grasp the lesson and turn it into sunlight. We awaken to a new and more conscious way of seeing and open to new possibilities.

So, I await another opportunity for us to connect for our walk, but through her words I felt her presence right beside me. I was calmed by knowing that she was reaching for happiness through the clouds.

May we all be mindful of the choices we make on our path and experience happiness as a awful/joyful/thankful journey. Wishing you safe travels.

In Joy, Rhonda

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