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Back to Basics

Overwhelm. Hurry. Rush. Deadlines. Pressures. Family demands. Not enough time. Collapse. A few tears. Surrender. Remember.

Oh, wait a minute. The sun is out. The air is fresh. I can close my eyes and take a deep breath, and even if only for a few brief moments I can reclaim a calm feeling in my chest. I can reclaim my Self.

It is so important to return to basics.

Slow down. Breathe deep beyond your shallow chest breathing. Notice each breath. Experience each breath consciously. See where you are. Accept it. Notice the simple wonders around you at this moment. Give your body rest and nourishment. Be mindful before you speak. Drink a glass of water. Taste your food as you eat. Be still. Learn to enjoy quiet. Interrupt your spinning thinking. Be here now. Give your emotions a love break. Feed your Spirit with uplifting stuff. Forgive your errors. Learn from them. Celebrate a small step forward. Listen to affirming and positive messages. Turn off the news. Hang out with people you don’t need to please. Be grateful for who you are, warts and all. Demonstrate gratitude to those who are truly helpful. Give something anonymously without thought of return. Paint your toenails. Find some sand to wiggle your toes in (before you paint them!) Have fun and take a play day without guilt. Savor a piece of chocolate. Smile at a child. Blow a kiss to someone you love. Leave fresh flowers on a friend’s porch. Find an excuse to giggle. Be good to yourself in all ways.

You can feel when you are off path. The more aware you become in every moment, the more joy you find. Pay attention. You have your own barometer (pain, getting sick, off balance, anxiety, money concerns, etc.) that tells you when you have forgotten your purpose or detoured from creating your own happiness.

We all lose our way amidst the turmoil of life. Just turn around and get your self back on course. We fall from time to time. You only need to get up one more time than you fall. This is success.

But, don’t forget to learn from having traveled through rugged terrain. Make the detour worthwhile. Hitting a patch of rough road causes you to be even more grateful when you are on course, and less likely to make the same detour again. It also helps you to be clearer about the direction you truly choose to head.

During these light-filled days we are motivated by the trees, called out by the blue sky, inspired to inhale fresh air, and nurtured by the warmth of the light. We are reminded to return to basics, inside and out, and savor each moment. When we dare to slow down and drink in the beauty that cradles us, we connect to the beauty that is true and loving within. Our passion is renewed with and ignited by what matters to us. With our hearts open we dare to declare what we want. We enjoy the warmth before it wanes. We connect with our magnificence as women.

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