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Birthday Ramblings

I have long realized freedom to be one of my core values. Having Annie Oakley as a distant cousin helps make sense of my feisty awkwardness in this linear reality called life. I have struggled to find ‘traditional’ ways to channel my talents and tame my loquacious nature, but seldom have felt like I fit easily and completely. Such is life as a ‘right-brained’ introspective spirit that was dropped for some uncertain reason into a culture that is designed to be ‘left-brained’ friendly.

Life is a messy yet amazing journey. I have explored along the way as a pioneer attempting to make sense the map I was given of my place and purpose in it. I have made the best of being a bit counter-culture and accepted that I march to the beat of a different drummer at times. I have shaped my diverse skills and intuitive way to nurture and honor the power of choice for my self and others, inner and outer.

It seems to be a common question to ask, “Who an I?” and “Why am I here?” How does one find happiness when life can be so uncertain?

As far as I can tell, the common and defining thread in my life is that I show up at times of transition, expecting joy and looking to bring meaning and peace regardless of the situation caused by change. I bring a knowing of the power of connection and acceptance, and the energy of discernment that holds the space for miracles to happen. I tend to be the one who hold open the door for insights to be born and for love to enter, even at times when the situations at hand make it difficult for light and joy to prevail. Peace and steadfastness are the calming ingredients I offer every situation, and have done so ever since I was born.

Whatever the ‘it’ is that I contribute, it seldom comes in a ‘nine-to-five form, and even when I was a therapist I wasn’t good at fitting deep and life-changing conversations into a fifty minute hour.

Ihave reached for and done my best to connect others to the possibility of peace without pushing. I tend their magnificence when they have forgotten, and hold the space for it until they remember.

I have been known to take subtle steps as well as leaps of faith in my own life

With my birthday just around the corner, at this time of year often find myself reflective, living up to my loquacious nature.

How did I not find that word until just last week! Loquacious is what I have beenaccused of being my whole life, just not using this amazing word!

When awakened by losses embedded in life you more consciously look for thebest ways possible to dive into your remaining time with verve.

That’s a great word, verve.

Each birthday taps you on the shoulder with a sweet invitation to notice simple wonders and not pass up opportunities that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. The course of our life can shift at any time, so I strongly lean in the direction of savoring each present moment so as not to be left with regrets and resentments… or words that feel important to say. It seems best to get busy, not only crafting our ‘Bucket List’, but daring to live it relentlessly to fulfillment.

At the risk of being called ‘loquacious’, I ask for birthday permission to ramble a bit more, unedited. Assuming my wish is granted, here are a few more birthday ponderings…

I was born in the fifth month of May on the 31st day in 1951. Though I don’t know a lot about numerology, the number five numerically is the number that represents freedom, adventure, and change.

You make friends easily, you are versatile and multi-talented, upbeat and inspirational and a good communicator and motivator. You have great verbal skills and you are very dynamic, persuasive, adaptable, versatile and curious, courageous, bright and quick-witted.

You are an explorer and adventurer who wants to experience all of life, you also like to perform in front of audiences and you like to do several things at the same time.

One word could have replaced all of these to describe the characteristics of five… my new favorite word… loquacious!

As a little girl my dad had me convinced that everyone was taking Memorial Day off to celebrate my birthday! Memorial Day is a day to honor those who protect freedom. I suppose that could be described as the intention of my path, to honor the freedom, especially of women and children, to be authentically who we are, happy and joyful regardless of our circumstances.

Being somehow a ‘doula’ of life’s transitional moments from womb-to-tomb, I have been called to serve those who are willing to make friends with change, curious enough to expand their consciousness and compassion, and determined to claim freedom from their old ways of thinking. Whether through giving birth, entering into a new phase of life, getting married or divorced, illness, loss, or through the transition, expected or unexpected at the end of life in this form, lessons and insights are abundant. I encourage people back to knowing their own magnificence and coax weary hearts to focus on fresh possibilities.

Whether it makes sense or not, I seem to be the emissary chosen to hold the space for joy and freedom in good times and amidst challenges. I am a

Happy Birthday to me, and let freedom ring.

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