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personal note from Rhonda

A year ago the story of an amazing kid, Zach, and his valiant journey with cancer came to my attention. I marveled the courage of Zach and his family to make their final days with Zach public. I followed Zach’s path the last couple of months of his life and appreciated his conscious choice to live it all fully using his platform to make the most lasting difference while he had the public’s attention. He lived and died with his heart on his sleeve, compelled to make his music matter. My heart ached at the news of his final passing at age 17 and I could identify with the uncertainty, resistance, hope, and acceptance as his family did their best to maneuver grief and its unpredictability with grace, together.

And so, allow your heart to be expanded, deepened, inspired and touched by Zach’s story as we celebrate his gifts and acknowledge his passing one year ago. Grab the tissue and find the courage to watch these videos of Zach’s Final Days, A Year Later, determined to focus on the joy rather than the sorrow.

Zach lives on, only in a different form, and his spirit is channeled through amazing kids like Connor and Taylor. They invite us to savor every moment and make the best of what we have.

We all hunger for our comfort zone. We want life to be predictable and easy. I savor it when ease prevails and I get to experience a smooth spot, and yet I have become my best as a result of the moments of heartache and upset that have been a part of my journey. Daily I stretch not to resist that this is life and that deep, durable, and meaningful happiness resides at the edge of our comfort zone.

Glad to be on the path of this kind of joy with you!


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