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CoH Newsletter – October 7th, 2014

personal note from Rhonda

All of us were raised on fairy tales that kept us small. Some of us still wait for the Prince to rescue us. Some still believe that all the evil step sisters and voices like theirs tell us is true. We effort to meet the unrealistic expectations of others, and some can’t even stand to see their image in the mirror.

Well, this give a whole new meaning to “Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Watch this:

I’m Enough

The Mrs.

‘Not Enoughness’ Epidemic (article reprint)

Symptoms of this dreaded “dis-ease” include the habit of “should-ing” all over our self. Our inner and outer conversations include disabling comments like, “I should’ have done more. I ‘should’ have done better, I ‘should’ have made better decisions, I ‘should’ have done it faster, etc., etc.” Sound familiar?

Here are a few steps to change your direction from ‘not-enough-ness’ back to the happiness of knowing our own magnificence.

1. Trust your heart.

The expectations of others often become our paramount reason for detouring from knowing what we want and honoring who we are. Check in with what is in your heart and trust it. Wisdom comes from the inside-out. Balance your expectations with those of others rather than being driven to fill the expectations of others to the exclusion of your own needs. Determine your values and move in their direction as the guide for making your decisions. Soften your expectations of yourself by assessing your progress not measured by what you accomplish, but by the quality of character you apply on your journey.

2. Listen and communicate with your heart.

3. Feed your heart.

4. Happiness is a choice.

  1. Trust in your magnificence.

  2. Smile more. 

  3. Do random acts of kindness. 

  4. Transform negative thinking to a positive focus.

  5. Verbaliz

    your gratitude

  6. Count your blessings. 

  7. Balance your ability to give and receive.

  8. Let mistakes be opportunities to learn.

  9. Choose peace.

  10. Give yourself permission to enjoy life!

Allow me to be your mirror. Let me remind you that you, indeed, are enough. You are powerful, amazing, talented, patient, kind, strong, resilient, daring, spiritual, compassionate, intuitive, tender, bold and beauty-FULL..

Contact me HERE ( ) if you are ready to live life fully by discovering who you truly are when seen through the filter of being… ENOUGH. It’s time to give YOURSELF permission and set yourself free.


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