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Come Here Often

Welcome to the Center of Happiness. I hope you come here often. Become a part of an ongoing conversation about happiness. Life is an interesting journey, and here we can hold hands.

On a daily basis (except when it’s not) you will find reflections and tidbits about happiness here and have the opportunity to share your own.

And, by all means, invite your friends. Happiness is more contagious and fun when you travel together. After all…

“I think the most revolutionary act a person can commit today is to be publicly happy.”

~~ Patch Adams, M.D., author of House Calls

Wow! I couldn’t agree more. Start the (r)evolution now!!!

Have you ever been caught up in a grumpy mood and found yourself overhearing someone else is a moment of joy, only to criticize their happiness? “What do they have to be so happy about!!!?”, you might grumble. Deep down inside you want to be happy, too. You long to be set free from the prison created by your own negative thinking.

It is so easy to get bogged down in the flurry of demands, stinky thoughts, and the challenging potholes that life is certain to provide. Grrrrrr. You expect it to be different! Discontent comes not from the circumstances, but from living in the hallucination that ‘what is’ is supposed to be different.

Learning to love what is and choosing to be happy now is all it takes. Although simple, but not always easy, it is still important to devote yourself to expanding your joy, even if step-by-step and moment-by-moment.

So, for today, for now, for this moment, choose happiness. Repeat.