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Drive Yourself Happy Newsletter 8/15/06

Welcome to this week’s DRIVE YOURSELF HAPPY Road Ramblings.

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Today’s rambling from the road will include:

* Between Pleasure and Meaning by Rhonda Hull, Ph.D. * Bliss and the Brain A Society for Neuroscience Briefing * Drive-By Quotes To Carry With You on the Journey

**************** Six Strategies for Happiness Step #2 Happiness Lies at the Intersection Between Pleasure and Meaning

Hello Friends and Traveling Companions,

I have just returned from a pleasure-full and meaningful adventure visiting my grandsons, making new professional connections, and culminating with another inspiring time with my grand-nephew, Connor, as he and his family face the challenges of healing his leukemia. Each heart-felt component to my trip offered me great joy and expanded the meaning essential to my life.

We live in such a pleasure oriented society that is live by the demands of others and where we expect imme