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Energy Is An Amazing Thing – Rhonda Hull, Ph.D.

Energy is an amazing thing. It is what holds us in our form. We send it off by doing nothing more than breathing in a frequency or as a force field in everything we do. It is by the dynamic of our energy and how it is reflected through our attitude that we attract some version of who we are. It is what shapes our personality and our life. It is how we manifest the things we say we want.

Learning to work with it is a life long adventure. Sometimes we are not aware of how we use our energy and how it impacts others. Often we are oblivious to the seemingly invisible messages we transmit. Yet physics supports that if we are positive we emit positive energy. The more positive energy we share, the more we draw to us people and situations that are positive. It’s quite an amazing dance we do…this circular mystery of ebb and flow in our life.

Energy, good or bad, follows the same pattern. When we immerse ourselves or get somehow get trapped in a negativity loop, like a magnet we draw the same to us in the form of negative people, scenarios, and situations. Like attracts like, and by the power of our negative thinking our thoughts of scarcity attract lack and our thoughts of not being enough attract those who will not value us. It becomes essential that we break free from the quicksand of our own dysfunctional thought patterns.

Awareness is the first step in fine-tuning our energy to be more positive so we can actively create a new habit of attracting a life of durable happiness. Just like the old car radios, it’s time to tune in a stronger signal and boost the power of our reception.

Here are a few suggestions for a positive energy jump start:

1. Think of two or three people you admire. Now ask yourself why. What are the qualities they demonstrate and you most admire. Though you may resist believing it, you would not be able to identify and admire these qualities in them if you did not possess them to some degree within you. You may feel they are underdeveloped, but it is there within you awaiting cultivation. Add to them your finest qualities, the ones you know make you unique and strong. Perhaps irreverence, sensitivity, compassion, humor. This defines who you are and the energy you are here to project to the world.

2. Speak up and dare to step out of your comfort zone. This enlarges your energy field. Before meeting new people or going to an important meeting or event choose to focus on your strength rather than your insecurities. Imagine your fullest power. Such a selective attention device puts your best parts front and center. Activating this energy allows you to confidently move forward. You really do have a choice about your experience by focusing your energy.

3. Remember that love is really the answer to every question. As you extend your heart energy outward it becomes what fills you up. It also becomes the warm glow that benefits us all. The greatest gift you can give another is taking full accountability and responsibility for your own joy. When you love and honor yourself that natural progression is that you love and honor others authentically.

4. Fill up your heart with simple pleasures. Notice the bird’s nest in the tree that would normally go unnoticed in your hurry. Smile at the person you would otherwise pass in a huff. Enjoy sunshine on your shoulders. Connect eye-to-eye with the check out person. Hold the elevator for someone who doesn’t think they’ll make it. You can send your love it in any situation. By being showered with compassion we all soften and benefit. Loving energy smoothes the rough edges of any circumstance and creates rapport. Try it even if you don’t like someone. Without an authentic and open heart we are energetically wobbly despite outer confidence. Remember, it’s what’s under the hood and in your heart that counts.

5. Choose to be still often. Interrupt the obsessions created by your ego’s mind. Happiness can be increased through regular meditation, prayer, or quiet time. Choose the way to access peace that suits you. Stillness can be in the form of a walk, listening to music, reading something inspirational, or going deep within. Cutting edge brain research confirms that with regular meditation we can adjust the set point for our habitual moods toward the positive. We develop the habit of focusing on what is not your negative emotions. Use each breath to center yourself. Your inner turnabout shifts you pessimism into greater joy for everyone

6. Clean as you go. Let go of what’s not working. Prevent corrosion in your relationships and become intolerant of negative build-up. Remember that compassion is the key. Learn to be forgiving of yourself as well as others. Life is a journey, not a destination. It has its inevitable twists and turns. Prevent toxic build up by healing your judgments, complaints and grumpiness step by step. By constantly and consciously transforming your negativity it makes room for more light in your being and shines the light of your energy for others.

Renew your energy with a positive charge. Self-awareness is the first step and self-love is our greatest ally in dissolving everything which blocks us from knowing our true magnificence.

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