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Exquisite Efficiency

The alarm clock rings and we already bemoan that we didn’t get enough sleep. In a hurry to start on our TO DO list we

personal note from Rhonda
re certain we won’t have enough time. We make it to the closet to discover we don’t have enough clean clothes, shoes, socks, under-ware. We make it to the refrigerator and realize there isn’t enough milk and the cereal box is empty. There’s ‘nothing’ to eat.

All day long we fight not having enough time, money, energy. We have meetings about it over lunch, if we have enough time to eat. We make it home and on the news we hear that we don’t have enough energy, water, health care, or safety, and then the commercials remind us we don’t have enough perfume, fancy clothes, toys, and electronics. We fall in to bed angry that we didn’t get enough done. Not enough. Not enough. Not enough.

I might be tempted to wish for you abundance, however when we see life through ‘not enough’, it wouldn’t last. Longing for abundance comes from a place of fear and scarcity and misses the point of true abundance. When we long for abundance from an experience of not having enough, we want more than enough so we won’t ever have to fear not having enough again. Abundance from this vantage point is the chase for more… and what we get more of is scarcity.

The Principle of Sufficiency invites us to let go of obsessing to get more and shift our attention to turn to appreciating what is. This frees up our energy to make a difference with what we have. In so doing, we experience great-fullness, gratefulness. And most important…what you appreciate, appreciates.

Sadly, there are many who face true scarcity and who daily live in extremely harsh conditions. But for me and many, scarcity is merely a mindset. My poverty is in my mind. Aware of this, I feel compelled to be grateful for all that I have and to share of my blessings, gifts, and talents to the best of my ability. My true happiness is the greatest gift I can give another.

It would be easy to focus on all the challenges we have faced recently. There have been ample for everyone, some more than for others. Ah, but the grace and courage I have seen from people who find a way to be strong even when they face so much and have so little. We are pretty resilient and amazing, especially when we connect and support one another, relinquishing the role of ‘victim’.

Sufficiency is a way of being and a way of noticing that, even amidst the challenges, the Universe is providing everything we need. We are so very blessed.

So I wish you exquisite sufficiency.

May we all…

~ Wake up appreciating that we have a warm bed to sleep in ~ Celebrate everything we are able to check of our TO DO list, even the small things. ~ Know we are enough, even when there is little to check off the list. ~ Enjoy the clothes we have and the food we get to eat. May we slow down and savor each bite. ~ Nourish our body as best we can. Loving ourself IS loving others. ~ Appreciate our feet, our voice, our eyes and eyes, our car and how it gets us to work and how all transportation gets us to the ones we love. Remember to service our inner and outer vehicle regularly. Don’t live life riding on ‘E’. ~ Take time to rest. Breathe. Eat. Exercise. Put first things first. ~ Turn off the TV and selectively let in news. Share time with the ones we love and laugh often. ~ Appreciate others, rather than point out their shortcomings. ~ Be mindful we have a choice of attitude, even when we don’t have a choice over our circumstances. ~ Acknowledge and focus on all we have accomplished and count our blessings instead of sheep. ~ And, then we’ll fall asleep counting our blessings.

From my heart, I wish that you be free from chronic ‘not-enough-ness’ and instead be full-filled with true abundance… the abundance that comes by elevating the quality of our thoughts. It is from this more conscious place of choice that abundance becomes the expression of true sufficiency… the knowing without doubt that there is enough, we have enough, and we are enough. And, life is good.

I am ever so grateful that you are a treasured part of my life. I welcome you to continue to hold my hand as we travel this mystery together.

Much Love,

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