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Finding Beauty in Sadness

You can have a painful life. You can suffer, you can experience what it’s like to feel like a human being—all those messy and gross emotions—and yet you can make a life for yourself that you are very, very proud of.”– Claire Wineland

In my own small ways I feel fortunate to have learned that beauty, joy and magic can be found in sadness, pain, and bittersweet moments. Although we prefer life to be smooth, the most lasting meaning seems to become most clear when awakened and shaken by something hard or unsuspected.

I am determined to make all of life matter, even the messy moments. I am determined to get up one more time than I fall. I am an edge-walker and bridge-person called to stand with those when they find themselves on uneven ground. I hold the space for them to rediscover their strength and remind them of their stamina and magnificence.

Focused on creatively using art+words+collaboration as healing balm, I am determined to surround myself with those willing to focus on possibilities who are willing to live, play, explore, and dare with me to make every moment a keepsake moment… moment by moment.

I am grateful to have learned that even seemingly meaningless moments matter. Each breath in and out matters. Huge accomplishments and simple kindness matters. And, the detours and unexpected upside-down parts become most significant by who we choose to be along the highs and lows.

Are we determined and curious enough use love as our compass to see the possible in the impossible, training our vision to sort for the miracles? This is where the legacy of life happens, the important keepsake experiences and lessons… ‘blessons’ that are not measured by accomplishments, but by kindness, courage and daring to live from a knowing that, some how, some way, light always outshines darkness and love is the answer to every problem.

Living a full and meaningful life is not based on time. It is discovered and appreciated through our evolving awareness. Joy expands as we focus on what’s working, rather than what hasn’t. This knowing becomes even richer when we throw out to belief we or it has to be perfect. All we need do is live fully, be willing to lean into uncertainty with a thread of trust that the Universe is friendly.

We all play a part in this huge Mystery. My part is as important as your part. The parts seem separate and disjointed, but from an expanded vantage point we sense beyond our senses to realize that we are all one and connected. We all matter in this crazy creative pulsing process, and somehow it all matters in a way we may never fully understand in this human form.

I choose to live my life believing each moment is a keepsake moment. It is my daily practice to harvest the meaning revealed through both joy and hardship.

Often we can be detoured from this awareness by all of the cumbersome and challenging experiences of time and space. But when you open your heart to all of it, including the highs and the lows, rather than bracing yourself and resisting every upset, the adventure becomes worth it. The path is always easier when we can remember…

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”— Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh

Claire Wineland knew this. What a powerful and inspirational mentor she will always continue to be for me, despite her passing. Drink in her story that savored it all, and allow yourself to be changed and nudged forward forever by her gifts, courage and essential reminders of what truly matters.

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