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Freedom and Flow

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

This morning before a brush went through my hair, I dared to share some of my stream of consciousness reflections. Here is a spontaneous, unplanned early morning pondering about freedom and flow.

Care to explore life’s big questions with me? Perhaps we will find some common ground.

So, here we go…

How do we dance between the present moment of juggling responsibilities, and the present moment of knowing life is fragile, so run out and savor every moment? How do you balance the awareness that life demands our attention with knowing there is no other moment than this one.

Which decisions will you be grateful you made on your death-bed, and are you willing to make a few mistakes attempting to balance both realities, letting joy and love be your compass? Some days I am clear, and others, not so much.

So, each day I listen for the guidance that comes from my personal ‘deep down’ place, that place we ‘just know.’ More often than not, a big ‘T’ truth finds me there if I dare to listen.

How about you?

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