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Gratitude Reveals Happiness

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Even when I feel low, weary and confused about next steps, I usually can find access to a string of knowing that brings me back to happiness eventually.

Some days that is easier than others.

Other days it feels insurmountable.

Lately, I have  found myself observing a flurry of human realities that are tugging at my heart. I have 4 dear friends experiencing their journey with cancer. Less than two weeks ago I know a courageous 13 year old who transitioned after a long and painful process of asking cancer to subside.. and it didn’t. Another dear friend soon faces open heart surgery. Struggle and suffering clamor for attention.

How do we amplify happiness amidst times life there that seem so perpetual.

Most people cling to life. Survival instincts prevail. Is it a love of life or a fear of death?

Fear of death seems universal, however, I suspect it is not death that is our greatest fear. My near death experience at age 17 dissolved my fear of death, but coming back to this human experience, I found myself resisting life. I know for myself that it is living fully that gives me greatest pause, because living fully means making friends with the dark side as well as the light. Being here in the paradox that may include cancer, war, disappointment, loss, suffering and pain in order to fully appreciate light, touch, love and joy is our greatest challenge and calls for vulnerability and courage.

So, if today your heart may happen to be limping a bit, and you need a reminder about what makes this human experience worth it, I bet you will find meaning through this amazing video.

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