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Happiness, Peace, Freedom

Can you have one without the others?

It seems that they are not pieces, but rather intricately woven together. They call us to return to and to remember who we innately are in each stretch we make to live a joyful life.

It seems peace, happiness, freedom, and love itself are about accessing the joyful life that is available to us with each breath, in each moment, if we expand our willingness and commitment to see, hear and feel who we really are.

“Pollution, fraud, war, greed — whatever and wherever the waste we see — virtually every problem in our world today has its invisible root in the insatiable act of trying to escape ourselves.”

Guy Finley

I was touched by this profound quote and the following article, written by Guy Finley. Although not ‘kosher’ in the marketing world to ever send people away for your website, I prefer to break that rule often. There is no such thing as scarcity, and it is important to me that people have the resources they need to activate their magnificence. This is prosperity that will find its way to me. This serves my happiness and the fulfillment of my life, too.

What a joyful thought, that everyone plug into their magnificence, trusting all is well, surrounded by and connected to others willing to be happy, too! Peace, hmmmmmm.