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Happiness Websites

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor Created to educate health care professionals and lay audiences about the values and therapeutic uses of humour and laughter. Features an extensive book list.

The Happiness Workshop .. A four-week workshop which aims to help you identify problem areas and provide you with the skills and strategies needed to fulfil your happiness potential.

Humor Project Aims to help people get more ‘smileage’ out of their lives and jobs by applying the practical, positive power of humour and creativity. Features discussion boards and a bookstore. American-based.

Homeopathic Physician – Dr Kaplan This website, owned by Dr Brian Kaplan, is dedicated to the sharing of stories about homeopathy, homeopaths and patients.

Patch Adams Official site of The Gesundheit! Institute and Patch Adams, the doctor-clown, whose life was played by actor Robin Williams in the Golden-Globe-nominated film Patch Adams.

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