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Happy Feet

Dear Treasured Traveling Companions,

I have always wanted to be one of those people who could who could think up really cool names for things, like a hair salon named “Curl Up and Dye”.

I stumbled across a wonderful organization/website with an equally wonderful name,, and even better, they offer an amazingly easy way to give.

They have a simple mission: to impact as many lives as possible with the gift of shoes. We are partnering with charities and governments around the world to provide a basic (yet indispensable) gift that most of us take for granted. Whether shoeless kids in Guatemala, or people shoeless because everything they owned burned in the recent Southern California fires, there are souls who need soles.

You can help them in many ways: donating your own shoes, donating cash for freight, hosting a shoe drive, or even donating your time as a volunteer.

Cool, huh!

If you can’t spare the cash, you may be able to spare a pair of shoes. On the road to happiness it is a little easier to maneuver if you have them.

And, you get to experience that warm feeling from having done something meaningful. They call that happiness.

In Joy, Rhonda

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