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Happy Spring Greetings

With every step I take I am reminded by those around me that we all are challenged by these times that are so difficult for so many. How do we maintain joy? How is happiness sustainable when times are so tough?

Amidst contradictions, we are called to trust happiness, choose joy, walk focused fully forward, and evolve in good faith together. The path often seems dimly lit, yet we continue to take steps in the direction of love, trusting the Light. We sort for the ways that life is good rather than moan and complain about what is not working.

Lovevolves. It does, especially if we feed it.

The good news is that, through the community created by Drive Yourself Happy, we do not travel alone, and reminders to keep us on track are ours for the asking. I am committed to be in service of personal, local, and global change, and intend to be that friend, resource, place of authentic connection and community committed to happiness regardless of the circumstances. Though we are scattered around the globe, we have an awareness that there are others equally longing and committed to creating joy. We join hands and hearts and toward a hopeful future knowing we can influence and expand happiness at every turn.

As our Life Driving Instructor, I keep my fingers on the pulse of life and report what I see, feel, hear and experience, and well as share what I know to be true. With wonderful people like you I attempt to make each moment count, consciously accepting what is, and imagining positive change ahead. Together we bring our passions willingly alive to expand limitless possibilities for sustainable happiness even during turbulent times.

I applaud your courage and appreciate your tenacity on your journey. I share your concern and intention for making the world a better and more joyful place. With small steps and huge leaps of faith we are the change we want to see in the world, and are more powerful when we refine the art of being connected as true friends.

On this first day of Spring, I bow to you in gratitude, and ask that you help me to expand our community one kindred connection at a time. Please pass along the invitation to your friends to be come a part of the Drive Yourself Happy Community by signing up to receive my free newsletter.

HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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