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Heart-Mind-Spirit Guided Meditation for Mindful Living

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

And yet, stillness is a key ingredient for reclaiming the balance between our heart, mind and spirit. It is essential for peace of mind. It is the portal for aligning with who we truly are.

I was well conditioned to let my mind lead. It often demanded too much from my body, and seldom did it listen to the whispers of wisdom from my heart. My sharp intellect was more a tyrant than a tender guide.

Now, I surrender.

With adrenals exhausted and many warnings from my weary body and heart, I continue now to learn a new way, letting spirit lead.

I give up, not in despair, but in knowing that life just is not ‘figureable-outable.’

Spirit will always lead with compassion. It may not make sense in a world that clamors for our immediate attention, but when you dare to prioritize stillness and honor your heart’s guidance, renewal comes. And strength. Authenticity. Meaning. And greater certainty.

And so I dare you to be still. Start small if you must, continue, and then let your trust build and expand in the silence. Let Spirit lead.

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