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Homage to The Gurilla Art Kit

A wonderful concept is to leave art and ideas in public places as a way of affecting someone’s day—change their mood or their mind in a positive and creative way—and maybe even change the world in the process! What a great possibility to visualize! This also seems it could be a valuable resource for ways to apply the use of art in Circle.

I have not held this book in my hot little hands yet, but still feel compelled to bring it to your attention. The Guerilla Art Kit promises to shows how small artistic acts can start a revolution. After all, lovevolves. Essential to the healing of our planet is to think not only outside the box, but to dance creatively in circles! This provides a fun way to do it!

Keri Smith, noted author of Living Out Loud and the blog Wish Jar Journal, uses her unique drawing and handwriting style to help anyone find and release their inner artist or activist. This visually exciting activity book is said to be full of step-by-step exercises, cutout projects, sticker ideas, and more.

I just like the idea of it, and hope the book lives up to the thought of making a meaningful impact. From the quick exercises—leaving books for strangers to find, chalking quotes on the sidewalk—to the more involved—making a “wish tree,” guerilla gardening, or making your own stencils—The Guerilla Art Kit promises everything you need to put your message out into the world. Keri Smith is the author/illustrator turned guerilla artist.

Join me as a new fan of hers, following her adventures at

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