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Honoring the Wonders of Women

This week join with me in the celebration of all the wonderful women on this planet! I want this newsletter to be for women, and also be inspiring for those who love them. If you are one of the wonderful guys who find my newsletter valuable, please don’t press delete or assume there is nothing here for you merely because it’s focus this week is on women. Finding a way to connect the gifts and the delights of both men and women contributes to the happiness of us all.

For many years women have needed to access their masculine side to fit and find their place in this culture. We have done it well, but often at the expense of knowing the power of our own intuition and voice. That got shoved someplace deep inside in order to remain resilient. Women have done so often times to be able to work and to feed their children. Here in the US, women have adapted their essence to be able to fit and live within a structure of a hierarchy. In other countries stepping outside the clearly marked boundaries their defined role remains life-threatening.

I invite our loving and strong men to stretch now, as women have done for years. Open and expand the feminine part of your own nature to be touched by the gentle power that is ‘women’ that we celebrate this week in honor if International Women’s Day. Tenderly and respectfully share with us your strong and trustworthy energy that is ‘male’. We each have our contributions to make and unique qualities to offer, and now we are called to synchronize our dance steps, no longer stepping on one another’s toes.

To create authentic happiness for this planet, now is the time to generate a new paradigm that unites men and women in greater balance. I don’t mean to homogenize us. Whether you are from Mars or Venus (John Gray describes our differences in his book, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus), men and women live together on this planet Earth, and there are great benefits in choosing to no longer be in opposition with one another, but to blend our strengths and truly honor one another equally. It is time to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. Imagine that world, and how this blending would transform the Universe. Imagine how happy women would be if they felt truly honored. From this place they could fully access their true nature, fully willing to share, tend and connect.

Last summer I was able to attend an incredible Native American Sweat Lodge ceremony. Chief White Cloud prepared us for the ritual we were about to experience. I was very touched when he shared the insight with the men there that it was time to cherish the women. He told them that they “need not understand women, merely honor them.”