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I'm back…

Rhonda Hull is back!

I’m back.

Well, I haven’t been gone really. I just have not been regularly posting to my blog because I was called to be present in any number of other places to learn, stretch and grow.

Life has been full of tracking my grand nephew at age 2 through leukemia, and then my own grandson  at age 3 on a journey with autism. Both boys are doing well and now it is my opportunity to process all that has grown and stretched in me to refine what I am to give now and the form in which I am to serve.

Yesterday here in the U.S. was our Freedom Day Celebration, the 4th of July. This morning I looked out my glorious widow facing the Olympic Mountains on an exquisite northwest day to see an eagle meandering the sky. Elegant and powerful. We are all elegant and powerful when we embrace our own magnificence and accept our part in creating happiness.

With 2001 came the dreaded events of 9/11. The very next month, in October the first copy of my book arrived ready for me to start promoting it, however airports were still a mess and the country had entered into a deep and prolonged period of grief. They couldn’t imagine happiness.

These events sent me into my own journey of wondering how I could share a book about happiness when not only the country, but the world was anything but that. Yet, I knew it was a time when we needed it most. With these tragic events we dissolved into fear and our focus was riveted on our losses, our mistrust, our vulnerability, and all that wasn’t working.

The decade has filled itself with many interesting, meaningful, joyous and challenging events, all transpiring under the cloud created by the wave of sadness initiated by that sobering day. I feel very clear that now it is time for us to shift our focus, not to leave our memories of our loved ones behind, but to honor them. Our full attention on consciously creating the future is urgently needed now.

And so I climb back into the vehicle I call life as it is now. I sit squarely behind the steering wheel, fine-tune my own personal G.P.S. system and choose my ‘true north’, leaning in the direction of possibility and joy, curious. Wanna ride along?

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