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Imagine Peace as the Light of Happiness

Can you imagine happiness? Can you imagine a Circle of Peace?

I was interviewed by Tina Carey on KGEM-TV in Monrovia, CA, recorded for an upcoming broadcast. It gave me the opportunity to explore with Tina and her viewers ideas about happiness, and the power of the Circle model of leadership as a way of providing and fostering key ingredients of happiness, connection and acknowledgment.

With the afterthoughts of that conversation bubbling in me, I visited my computer this morning to attend to emails overdue. In my inbox I found that dear friend had sent me the invitation to visit: I was touched by this clip, and felt compelled to share it with you, because to me it demonstrates the power connecting with a common intention of peace and happiness.

Viewing this clip sent me on a delightful and grateful review of my high school and college years of appreciation of the Beatles. I truly feel fortunate to have this era as representative of ‘my’ music, and this time as my call for peace.

Back then it would have been totally uncharacteristic for me to have forgotten John Lennon’s birthday. I seldom forget this date even now, because 2 of my grandson’s were born on October 8th, sandwiched in between my dad’s birthday October 7th, and John’s birthday, October 9th. Although I recall remembering recalling this shaggy haired and edgy peace activist’s birthday this year, I had no idea this magnificent vision was coming to pass and dedicated on this special day.

So whether or not you were a fan of the Beatles or John Lennon, I suspect you will find value in seeing the power of visualizing possibilities brought to Light.

I know I feel greater peace knowing this beam of light adorns the top of our earth announcing to the Universe that together we are a Circle of Peace, and that peace is possible.

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