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Inspire Until You Expire

Have you ever had an ‘a ha’ moment and noticed for the first time something that you knew all along?

Here is one of those awarenesses for me…The first breath

personal note from Rhonda
u take in life is when you are born. You in-spire, or inhale that first gulp of air. The last breath you take in life is when you expire, or breathe out for the final time. We seldom think about and appreciate all the breaths in between. It is a truly amazing design! Perhaps I have been pondering this more because my 63rd birthday is May 31st!

However, I do notice that the older I get I have more insights and patience, a deepened appreciation for each precious moment, and am grateful that my heart remains young as my body shows definite signs of ware from the journey. I feel fortunate that along the way I have been a witness to birth and death and have chosen as best I can to make friends with both. I welcome it all as an unfolding part of life and appreciate the wisdom that has expanded as a result of every vista, twist and turn.

Birthdays and aging have never scared me, however, I am aware that some people dread the thought of getting older and actively suppress, resist and hide their aging process rather than embrace the adventure of its inevitability. It takes far more energy to resist something, and miss out on so much joy.

Even with a few glitches along the way my body has served me well and gotten me this far and my heart has always loved deep, dared to be vulnerable and hungered to create meaning. I have ridden motorcycles with Roy Roger’s kids when I was young and drove go-carts in the dessert. I have gotten far more sun burnt than I ever want to admit to my dermatologist. I have bungee jumped out of a hot air balloon, and I have dangled my toes over the lip of Half Dome. I nearly drowned body surfing and had a near-death experience as a result. I was with my mom when she passed. I weathered a divorce that was the worst and the best thing that ever happened to me. I have given birth to two amazing daughters and have been there or close when all four grandchildren arrived. I have jumped of a cliff into one of the Seven Sacred Pools, travelled several times to Europe, built forts and wrestled and played with my grandkids. I had the blessing to call Richard Carlson my friend and mentor.

As my birthday gift to you, I invite you to contact me to create a COMPLIMENTARY Get To the Heart of What Matters Happiness review session. Taking a stand for your own happiness is the greatest gift you can give anyone. For those who mention this newsletter I am happy to also offer a free pdf copy of my book, Drive ourself Happy: A Motor-vational Manual for Maneuvering Through Life.

Happy Birthday Every Day,

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