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Interview with Vincent Alexander Chiofalo on 2/19/19

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

What if being extraordinarily ordinary is enough? What if our old stories about our limits aren’t true?

We are on an amazing journey together, a journey of only 16 inches. It is the journey from our head to our heart. No matter what our age, we wonder how we will survive the journey.

After a humble, vulnerable, raw and heart-felt interview with an amazingly talented web-guy-explorer-musician and adventurer of life named Vincent Alexander Chiofalo, you might agree with me that you are in good company with other curious life pioneers as you question for yourself if the Universe is friendly, chew on life’s big questions to find meaning, and recognize the place you belong in it all.

Vincent Alexander is first and foremost a nature lover. That includes earth science, the nature of humans and all living things, and the nature of how things, and ideas work effectively. Vincent enjoys nothing more than putting on a pair of waders and walking up a river to study the environment and wildlife, and look for agates, and other neat rocks. 

Vincent is also an artist, entrepreneur, and communicator. He’s an expert in the creative process which is primarily expressed through his song-writing and music production, but also applies in every creative endeavor, whether designing a website, producing a podcast, a marketing campaign, developing operating procedure for a business or organization, or anything else one might create, because the same basic principles and strategies of the creative process apply. 

Perhaps most passionately, Vincent is excited about human connection and the power it has to heal individuals, relationships, and social structures. He studies and practices something called Nonviolent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communication, which is a practice of listening and reflecting feelings and values, and is the most useful thing he has discovered for understanding humans, and creating peace within oneself and our relationships with others. Vincent also has his certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is used to create  techniques, for the purpose of changing human habits and behaviors.

Finally, Vincent offers the following services to anyone seeking assistance. He can help guide you through a creative process; things like song writing, web design, eMarketing, starting a business or organization and developing standard operating procedure. Vincent is available for NLP consultation, to help reprogram bad habits into good ones. But most excitedly, Vincent is willing to consult with people to help heal their conflicts, by learning how to listen and communicate, to understand themselves and others, and to create the kind of connection that allows peoples needs to be met, so they can experience more satisfaction and peace. He believes this is the key to creating more peace, sustainability, and natural beauty on earth for humans. 

To connect with Vincent, visit:

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