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Do you want to see what happens when happiness, passion, and tenacity meet?

I am fortunate to have as a colleague a powerhouse of a creative woman, Aymee Coget. She dreams big and has put her magic touch on a new organization to round up all those committed to happiness. I am delighted to introduce you to  The American Happiness Association.

How AHA came about:

A seed was planted when Dr. Aymee Coget and Sandi Smith first met at a happiness conference in November 2008. In their first phone call, they both shared their vision of conceiving an organization to help people be happier, even down to the acronym of AHA. Dr. Coget brought her long-time mentor, Bob Nozik, MD, in on the conversation, and a few meetings later, the American Happiness Association was officially born on February 18, 2009 as a California nonprofit corporation.

All three of us saw the challenge: so much amazing happiness research that never got out to the public with the exception of the periodic news story that may or may not be all that accurate. Some of the happiness researchers collaborate with others, but there has been no centralized place for all this wonderful life-changing science-based happiness information. Until now! AHA brings together hundreds of researchers results and translates it into tools you can use every day to make your life better.

Each original founder provides unique and complementary skills to the American Happiness Association. Dr. Coget brings her education in positive psychology, her connections with other happiness experts in the field, and her experience in transforming individuals through her Happiness Makeovers.

Ms. Smith, a CPA and MBA, offers her business development skills, an education in neuroscience and positive psychology, and her own happiness coaching and training programs. Dr. Nozik imparts his medical experience as a physician who has treated patients, and a researcher, where he has authored numerous medical textbooks and teaches university courses.

The most important thing about all three founders is that not only are they happiness experts academically, they are all truly, deeply happy people. To learn more…


The mission of the American Happiness Association is to be the premier organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing education and resources for how people can choose to be happier. Our goal is to significantly increase the level of enduring happiness worldwide.


The vision of the American Happiness Association is to show people the ways and means for them to live happier lives. Our focus is on helping people learn and practice intentional and sustainable happiness.

Purpose: New Nonprofit Seeks to Raise People’s Happiness

The American Happiness Association has a big name and a bold mission: to significantly increase the level of enduring happiness worldwide. It provides education and resources to help people learn and practice intentional and sustainable happiness.

Wait a minute! Do you mean to say people are in control of their own happiness?

That’s what the science says. “There’s actually a science of happiness now. There’s no reason why everyone can’t be happier, even the biggest Scrooge you know,” says Dr. Aymee Coget, CEO of the organization.

You might have met people who were born unhappy. Mom and Dad account for only half of our capability to be happy, and even then, environment can override it. The American Happiness Association shows you how to override your own genes if you need to.

“There are so many reasons we need an American Happiness Association, or AHA, as we affectionately call it. Happiness is one of the most sought-after experiences in the world. It’s also the most misunderstood. Millions of people haven’t figured out how to be truly, deeply happy,” says Bob Nozik, MD and VP of Senior Programs, and one of the few rare people who has figured it out.

“We help you learn what happiness is, what it isn’t, and how to experience more of it. We translate discoveries from half a dozen fields of science into daily happiness actions and tools that everyone can practice. A lot of this information has just been stuck in the science labs until now,” says Sandi Smith, COO.

“Besides,” Sandi adds, “There is a National Institute for Play, an Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, and a Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Why not an American Happiness Association, too?”

AHA encourages everyone to visit Even grumps are welcome.

Get involved Ready to take your happiness to new heights? Want to positively change the world? Who doesn’t want to be happier?

The challenge for most people is discovering they have settled for temporary happiness that doesn’t last. Often people pursue things they think will make them happy, but once they get them, they’re no happier than before. Why settle for temporary happiness when you can have lasting happiness?

The science of happiness is here, and you can benefit immediately. AHA brings you 60 years of scientific research along with 2,000 years of wisdom on happiness, distilled into practical steps you can take on a daily basis to be happier than you ever thought possible.

AHA offers three membership options based on your level of commitment: Classic, Star, and VIP. Here are the benefits of each option:

Go here to become a member or find out more

Next Teleseminar

May 26, 2009 Teleseminar: How to Happily Connect with Others and Deepen Your Relationships

This teleseminar is designed to help people find happiness with others and to build the most powerful and loving relationships possible. Do you have a difficult boss or co-worker? A family member who just gets on your nerves? Getting over a divorce? In a partnership that is going stale? Or a great set of family and friends that you just want to relate to even more lovingly?

Weekend workshop in San Francisco in September

September 18-19, 2009 Workshop: Cultivating Happiness: A Weekend Indulgence

Who DOESN’T want to be happier? What are you waiting for? Create an intention now for your life to become the happiest ever. This workshop will be your launching pad. Sandi Smith and Dr. Aymee Coget, your facilitators, blend the top motivational ideas of our time with positive psychology research into a deliciously fun, interactive program, all designed to help you experience more happiness on a consistent basis and to skyrocket your life in a positive, purposeful direction.

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