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Language of the Heart for the Holidays: Part 1

Language of the Heart for the Holidays: Part 1

We so often take for granted the words we speak. I believe words carry with them specific energy. More than the word itself there is power in how it is used an

personal note from Rhonda
the intention at it’s core… consciously or unconsciously. It is not what you say that holds the most power, but how you say it that matters. What is your true intention?

A few words have come to my attention lately, almost clambering to be no-ticed, and so I thought I would share them with you.

‘Wabi-sabi’ is a Japanese word centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, imper-manent, and incomplete.”

Read more about it here:

We as humans are ‘wabi-sabi’, imperfect and impermanent, and in our imper-fection and transience, great beauty and tenderness is possible.

‘Kintsugi’ (or kintsukuroi) builds upon ‘wabi-sabi’ by honoring the broken-ness or imperfection through a Japanese method for repairing broken ceramics with a special lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum.

Read more about it here:

Precious metals are used to mend. My sense is that love, gratitude and for-giveness, act as the ‘precious metals’ that mend our human mistakes.

We work so hard to hide our imperfections or at the other extreme defend them, accepting our carelessness as justified. Instead, the philosophy behind the ‘Kintsugi’ technique is to recognize the history of the object and to visibly incorporate the repair of something broken into the new piece instead of dis-guising it. The process usually results in something more beautiful and strong than the original. It is a mindful way not only to focus on the crack, but is a way of honoring the richness and stories that live in the brokenness.

We all have our stories. They can be used to identify ourselves as victims or as a guidepost for growth. It is our choice to add drama to them or welcome them as a way to reveal the ‘blessons’, the blessings and richness to be discovered through our learning experiences.

Times together during the holidays can be tricky to maneuver. It is said that if you feel you are a spiritually evolved person go spend a week with your parents. It seems we can’t help but slip back into old patterns of being.

As we enter into our holiday season when many of us will spend time with family and friends we hope to enjoy our time, use it to deepen our relationships, and enjoy meaningful connections, however for may the holidays are not always joyous and do not always foster the optimum expectation. Instead they might open a gateway to an unresolved past. Always an opportunity for per-sonal growth, this time together will for many trigger stress, disagreements, or we will find ourselves wrestling with and slipping into old paradigms and ways of thinking and somehow find ourselves caught up in being less than our highest and best.

Some TIPS:

  1. Keep in mind that it’s more about the journey than the destination.

  2. Loosen your grip on this holiday adventure and be aware and accepting that it may be filled with a mixture of candy canes and joy as well as opportuni-ties to transform stress and challenges into blessings (eventually).

  3. Regardless of circumstances, choose to believe that the Universe is conspiring in your behalf

  4. Let go of any agendas and specific expectations and go with the flow

  5. Practice self-care that is free of judgment and blame of yourself and others

  6. Let being as present moment as you can be x`be the present!

  7. Notice and celebrate simple things

  8. Do your best to keep in mind that we are all in this together and are doing the best we can with our degree of consciousness to manage our way through this mysterious human condition and amazing spiritual adventure

  9. Dive deep and stretch wide to live through not only the holidays, but every-day, with compassion

  10. Keep forgiveness in your back pocket always at the ready and remember that resisting forgiving others is like you taking poison and waiting for the other person to die

  11. Be patient with yourself, too

  12. Be grateful for EVERYTHING!

  13. Remember, happiness is an inside job!

Savor it all,


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