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Language of the Heart for the Holidays: Part 2

Language of the Heart for the Holidays: Part 2

Dear ones,

The Haw

personal note from Rhonda
iian language offers us many beautiful and meaningful wo
ds and awarenesses. A powerful word is ‘kuleana’ which is the word Hawaiians use for ‘responsibility.’

It is not the same as the English word responsibility, which for most of us causes the hair to stand up on the back of our neck! Our little kid interpretation of responsibility comes with feelings of heaviness that has lingered over into our adult years. In our flashbacks of being caught doing something wrong responsibility earned its definition as the the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something, which often lead to a punishment rather than a teaching opportunity.

The Hawaiian see responsibility as an active verb infused with the call to act with integrity. ‘Kuleana’ is a word not said lightly and has spirit with it.

There are few emails I get daily that I look forward to. Ryf’s blog spot posts posts via Daily Way Home are always worth the time:

Ryf describes that:

The word Kuleana inf

rs that for us to live self-directed and self-reliant lives we MUST take 100% responsibility for our own lives!

Freedom does not mean sitting on a beach waiting for coconuts to fall on our heads. Freedom comes from taking full responsibility for our lives both past and present.

Responsibility means accepting and forgiving every person, place or thing that we feel may have hurt us or taken advantage of us in the past.

Responsibility means living as fearless victors instead of fearful victims.

Responsibility means being aware of how are daily choices affect us and the lives of others.

Responsibility means assessing whether our actions, words or thoughts advance our spiritual growth journeys and our levels of consciousness.

Responsibility means acknowledging the heart and souls of others.

Rather than weigh us down, responsibility lightens our load.

It’s the great dichotomy!

Taking responsibility for our lives actually sets us free!”

Ryf goes on to talk about ‘Aloha’ and ‘Pono’:

‘Pono’ is a conscious decision to do the right thing in terms of self, others, and environment.

‘Kuleana’ is responsibility which sets us free.’

So, shhhhhh. See responsibil

ty as your ‘ability to respond consciousnessly.’ Take a deep breath, be intentional, but not overly serious. Laugh and play, too. Life is supposed to be a well intentioned adventure. Love yourself as much as you love others and remember to allow yourself time for stillness even if only for a moment here and there.

Hold the intention of ‘Aloha’ and choose moment by moment to live life with love.

Make your choices guided by ‘pono’, consciously choosing to lead with good intention by doing the right thing for yourself and others, however loving your ‘weabi-sabi-ness’, imperfections, and mistakes just as much!

Happy present moment living!

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As a speaker, author, story-teller, mentor, artist and matriarch who knows first hand that life is too short to not dare to live fully present, Rhonda shares from the heart of her experience and has a remarkable ability to connect authentically with both individuals and large groups, tailoring her message for every audience. As would a trustworthy friend, Rhonda nudges us to embrace the unique wisdom, courage and magnificence within each of us and she stands certain that women activating self-love is the missing piece (peace).

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