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Let It Be – Betty Lur Leiber

Let It Be

When you are caught in the troubles of the world, let it be. When you are confused and conflicted, let it be. When you are envy another’s success, let it be. When you want to fix or change someone, let it be.

We are not here to save another. We are here to heal ourselves. We are not here to make the world better. We are here to be better in our world.

Our work is within, not changing what is without. Our real power is inner Peace, not to make others be Peaceful. Our real Joy is to be happy, not to make others be Happy. Our real love is to love the One we are, not to make another feel loved.

It is in Being that which we Give that we are credible in how we live. It is in receiving from our gifts that we are given. It is in providing that we are offered provision. When the messenger receives their messages, they are content.

To feel Peace and Joy and Love, there is no lack, no need, to obligation. To be Peace and Joy and Love, there is no limit and no hesitation. To give the best with sacrifice, teaches others not to receive. To have the best with generosity, teaches other they can believe.

Learn what you are teaching. Live what you are preaching. Lead with joy and freedom. Follow only what you totally trust.

Let the world be. The salvation of One Self begins within me and Thee.

We are all in this together. We are all learning to play our part with ease and joy. We are all working together to honor and encourage one another.

Learning from everyone and everything.

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