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Life's Coming Attractions

“Your imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein

Rhonda’s reflections:

I just returned from 3 days with four dear friends to Orcas Island in the San Juans. Leaving cloudy and cold weather we manifested a couple of days of sun break and the coming attractiuon of Spring. I had the chance to still my logical mind that seems to do over-time. After visiting a spot at the Outlook Inn, where almost 25 years ago I did a pivitol workshop with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, I found a comfy chair overlooking the water and simply sat in the sun. I took off the harness on my mind and let it wander free. I drank in gentle crisp breeze and stared at the horizon. I imagined where the birds fly and wondered who was on the boat going where. I followed the flight of eagles and the laughter of the ravens. And, I dreamed, finally, of all that was possible, in how I might shape my work in a meaningful and playful way if I knew I could not fail, and if I dared to color outside the traditional lines a bit.

Last night we rentered daily ‘ordinary’ life, and with this break from all that I thought I ‘should’ do, I come back with renewed enthusiasm, a full heart, new memories, and a preview of coming attractions.

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