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Messy, Meaningful and Full of Miracles

Many people want their life to matter and have meaning.

They want to love and be loved for who they truly are.

Too often we look for this in the wrong places, push to make it happen, or believe it’s not possible.

We were taught to believe that meaning, worth, and fulfillment come through outer measures of success. Outer success and acknowledgement isn’t bad. It just not the key to generating the durable fulfillment and meaning for which we all hunger.

Fortunate are the ones who let go of perfection to embrace the value of being real and imperfectly perfect. They open their heart enough to glimpse the value of the things that truly matter:

– Clarity of purpose – Authentic connections?- Self-love – Inner worth and wealth – Present moment living – Going the extra mile – Trusting their intuition – The magic of trusting trustworthy people – Shared compassion and depth – Kindness, generosity, and service?- Deep listening and mutual respect – Seeing being vulnerable as courageous – Creative collaboration – Looking beyond ‘things’ to experience what matters – Living a spirit-guided life – Celebrating differences while standing on common ground – Laughing together until you wet your pants – Believing in the power of love and forgiveness – Using joy as your compass – Seeing forgiving as freedom – Seeing mistakes as an opportunity to learn – Recognizing blessings in unlikely circumstances – Savoring every moment, even the messy ones – Living with gratitude for everything – Seeing love as the answer to every question – Knowing every moment can be a keepsake moment

Can you feel the truth in these words? Do they touch that place in you that feels relieved and excited to believe that simple things matter, and you may not need to travel the uncertainties of life alone?

If so, I’m thinking the Keepsake Treasures, Online Offerings, and the Creative and Collaborative Community at will feel comforting, uplifting, and encouraging.

It’s time to give yourself permission to explore possibilities, be your most authentic self, treasure even the bittersweet moments, and percolate possibilities with other positive playmates on the adventure of remembering who we have always been!!!

I promise you won’t regret it on your death-bed! These will be the things that matter most.

Wishing you keepsake moments!

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