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Messy Moments and Magnificence

Yesterday I had a deepened awareness that, although self-love is essential, bigger than that is our need to trust ourselves. Our positive sense of self was squelched so long

personal note from Rhonda
o in so many ways, and because we don’t trust ourselves, we don’t know who to trust. As a result we often choose unwisely.

I am not immune. This morning I experienced a huge wave of ‘not-enoughness’ and shame prompted by a realization that I had made a bad decision. “Really? Haven’t I gotten my sh— together yet?” “How could I be so gullible, stupid… etc. etc?”

In those immediate moments of one-minute-I’m-fine-and-the-next-I-feel-worthless, all the conscious ground I have gained seemed lost and self-doubt floods in. Are we really worthy?

We all have these messy moments, and most of us hide them at all costs. We pretend we are fine when we are not, or we turn them into a pity party to get any form of attention and acknowledgement. On some level we fear that if we share authentically and reveal our limitations and mistakes everyone will abandon or judge us.

It is my intention to have the Center of Happiness to be one place where women experience the safety and encouragement to be fully who they are and experience that we are worthy… trustworthy.

What are your thoughts?