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My Guys

I just returned from a business trip that was full of wonderful people where I focused on expanding the importance of happiness. Every step of following my passion about the value of happiness in our relationships, families, and leadership comes through each thread of directions I weave into my career and way of being in the world. Each endeavor, whether speaking, mentoring, or writing, reminds me of how we must all reclaim our access to who we innately are – magnificent and what is always true – happiness.

After my pass through the bay area of California I took a few days to be with my grandsons – the truest reflection of happiness I know. Now I am back home missing them, looking forward to their summer visit in a few weeks, and catching up with all the details that got put on hold. Although work is important, living happiness and savoring precious moments is our real work, our most important work.

You can’t help but smile when you see the authenticity in the faces of these little guys. One travels by rolling over, one by just beginning to stand alone and one by now riding his bike without training wheels. These are moments and mile stones so easy to overlook when life gets busy, but my role as Grandma Tutu comes first! So, I share with you three sources of my deepest happiness – the light of the Spirit that shines through these boys.