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Needed: A Woman's Touch

One definition of insanity is that we keep on doing over and over again what has already proven not to work. At such a pressured time when life and everything in it seems so crazy and worrisome we all long for a new way. We want relief from stress, a sense of belonging, and the hope, energy, and empowerment to make a difference.

Even though there are six billion of us on this planet elbow-to-elbow, (about half of them women), we still feel isolated, discouraged, and alone. Isn’t it amazing?

At this time we cannot afford to be silent and alone. I am profoundly aware of the need for and the power of connection if we are to heal and strengthen the world in which we live. It is critical that we develop an authentic relationship with our self, first, and from that centered place, create loving relationships with others.

A woman’s touch is desperately needed. Women are now being called by the circumstances at hand to find their voice and offer their conscious gentle touch to create the peaceful change that is needed.

It is not a time for women to play small. Women are doing amazing things everywhere. Even though we have amazing opportunities for communication, we remain unaware of all the incredible resources and magnificent people who surround us, also doing amazing things. One group or circle is unaware of the many other groups emerging and doing creative things and sharing valuable wisdom. It seems a critical time for the magnificence of circles as a model of shared leadership and the extraordinary wisdom of ordinary women to come boldly to life so women can connect, share, and make a difference with their innate gifts.

The need was there, so we filled it! I am writing to let you know about a new organization I have co-founded with Ann Smith and Carol Hansen Grey called Circle Connections, Inc. This membership organization offers first and foremost, a place where amazing women can connect! It also offers training, education and support to women who wish to start and/or maintain a circle group, regardless of its focus. Its members will benefit from state of the art technology to find, connect and collaborate with other circles throughout the United States and Canada.

Amazing things happen when women gather, renew, and focus their energy. One way we provide circle training is to offer joy-filled 3-day retreats where participants will be immersed in the Magnificence of Circle! Experiencing a circle in action always offers unexpected surprises and heart-felt connections.

Our first retreat is scheduled for September 22-24, 2006 at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA, just minutes away from the San Francisco airport. For more information about the retreat and/or to reserve your spot, please visit our website at: Space is limited to 40 women, so please take advantage of the early-bird sign up.

Imagine what it will be like when we learn to deeply listen to and respect one another? What if women got that they are magnificent, powerful, and gifted by nature? By empowering and inspiring women, it is our belief that the women’s circle movement will be a major catalyst in creating a world where peace and harmony exist. We invite you to join us!

Rhonda Hull, Ph.D. Co-Founder Circle Connections

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