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Newsletter – August 30, 2016

Dear Ones I Love,

Summer has been a time of in-consistencies in my energy, time, and as a result, my newsletter for any number of reasons. Because of this unplanned intermittent hiatus I am paying more aware. I have given myself permission to write when my heart moves me to do so, rather than an arbitrary ‘deadline.’ Even the term ‘deadline’ conveys a pressure, should or ‘have-to’… and that is not in alignment with the way I want to invite us all to live. And so, I now write this newsletter because I am refueled and inspired to do so. More of the energy of who I truly am will be present in these words as a result.

I believe in the power in words. They can be used in a way as violent as a bomb, knife or gun with an impact that is more lasting and destructive. They were designed to be used as a creative energy and can be used with equal power for the greater good.

The video link attached is an ‘oldie but a goodie.’ This powerful reminder of the gifts of Marshall Rosenberg and Non-Violent Communication came into my Facebook feed today as I rest up from a very busy/wonderful PLAY BRAVE Extravaganza and all the gifts that came from it. I am letting all the insights and reminders sink in as I listen for how best to balance my well-being with my best next steps without force or pushing… but allowing with faith and trust… with love.

Although this video is a bit long, it is well worth listening to…RE-MEMBERING… remembering how to communicate with love.

This is PLAYING BRAVE. Joyfully being authentic, real, willing, connected, open-minded, faithful, bold and tender.

To me, non-violent communication is an important and essential part of healing our relationships, our world, ourselves. It is what I hope to model for my kids and grandkids and practice as my default way of being in the world, no matter how many course corrections it takes.

It is this energy of mindful communication that can transform our focus on all the pain and violence, agitation and hyper-vigilance back to the truth… the light. This is where happiness lies regardless of our circumstances. What we focus on, expands. We get to choose… moment by mo