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Newsletter – June 21st, 2016

Dear Ones,

One delusional and violent mind was overtaken by hate.

Millions of compassionate people from all over the world are relentlessly demonstrating love.

Even amidst such desperate heartache irritated by political distraction, which will you choose to believe as true? What will you focus on? What do you believe is possible? What is yours to do?Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones, because what you choose will shape your experience now and the future ahead.

Will we react or respond? Will we recognize the choice-point and trust the process or be blinded by the pain. Not an easy choice, and still one we must make consciously, determined to heal.

Although I have faced loss and tragedy, in my life that has taught me much I have not faced anything as huge as this first hand, so it is easy for me to call for us to respond rather than react. I am not the one faced with never being able to hold my child again. May I find the same courage and support as these families if ever I am faced with such harsh reality. Still, there is Universal truth, a common ground, and the pain these families experience now feels like our pain, too.

We are all feeling the initial overwhelm of the horrific avalanche of unimaginable events in Orlando. We need first to feel that gut-punch, try to wrap our minds around it, open to the grief, but not let grief take us on the slippery slope of letting fear get a strangle-hold. And, if we see someone close to that slippery edge, we must hold the space for them while they are in pain and let them know that we are energetically holding their kite string.

Hard as it is, it becomes easier when we open to the process of grief, remembering that it is made up of forward and backward steps. It is important not to suppress it or run away from it or attach to it or it will further rob us of our well-being and freedom. It is important not to fight against it, for in fighting against it, we become that very energy. As best we can, the force passes more quickly as we find a way to surrender and go with the flow of it.

Moment-by-moment or in one quantum leap we will regain our footing. As we connect to our inner truth we will find the way to stand one more time than we fall, courageously determined to face the light. We will become stronger as we hunt for the good buried in the loss. We will see possibilities expand as we dare to grab the hand of someone we love who is equally committed to believing that love is the answer to every question. We need to remember that we all were born good.

Karmatube – Born Good

Grief can be a harsh teacher, especially when one one senseless and sad event is followed by another. The lack of control grabs at our heart like a sticky cobweb. We are faced with what seems like an impossible task to turn our faces to the sun determined to believe that light outshines darkness. We are strong. We are one… and with the amazing outpouring of compassion around the world we see that oneness demonstrated. I feel compassion for those who grow fear for a living. I do my best to ‘look for the helpers,’ for what we focus on, grows.

Look for the Helpers – Fred Rogers

Even with tragedies like these, we are more safe than unsafe. It is important not to listen to fear mongers. Violence is decreasing, especially when you look historically at the lineage of violence. It is important that we stand up to fear and not become its captive. But, that does not console those so deeply affected… not now… not yet.

It is fair, even important for us to ask how events like these can happen. It is important for us to notice the ways we can help, even if in a small or apparently unrelated way. Being kind to one another while we are fragile matters! Sometimes the smallest and unexpected kindnesses or acts of compassion are the most precious and treasured.

JetBlue Flight Crew Goes Extra Mile for Orlando Shooting Victim’s Grandmother

“In the 1980s, George Thorogood sang about being born “bad to the bone,” but can we actually be naturally bad? People for Good, a Canadian-based charitable organization, sets out to claim that people aren’t born bad but good. Presenting a series of chubby-cheeked cherubs, the commercial identifies the supposed “sin” each baby committed, including badmouthing co-workers and being rude to neighbors. As viewers chuckle at the silliness of a baby being labeled bad, the commercial reminds us that nobody is born bad. Moreover, it is never too late to turn back to being good. We can choose to be bad to the bone or good to the core.”

So, as Ellen de Generes reminds us daily as she closes her uplifting talk show… “Be kind to one another.”

Thank you for standing with me in this vulnerable place of uncertainty linking arms with the knowing that love is that answer to every question, regardless of the circumstances.


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