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Now Lived Boldly Beautiful

Dear Wonderful Ones,

Today I want to share with you a woman who continues to inspire me. I met Jana Stanfield at a Gather the Woman Conference maybe a dozen years ago. Her tenacity and bold beauty has expan

personal note from Rhonda
ed and encouraged me ever sense.

In my Center of Happiness newsletter shared August 12th, 2014 I shared with you one of Jana’s most powerful songs, “Here and Now”. Jana was kind enough to send me this acknowledgment:

Dear Rhonda,

I always enjoy your letters. So glad to get the update in your personal note. After the loss of Robin Williams, I believe it’s important for all of us to share what’s real in our lives. So mayb

I will do the same. You’ve inspired me. And… thanks so much for sharing my song. Of course, it was inspired by the Tolle book.

Hey, would you like to send it out as a gift to your readers? It was not easy to hear on the video link… so I’m going to send you a copy here, that you can send to others.

  Audio Link:  “Here and Now”

Also, I’m sending a link to the video of “George Bailey” in case you’d ever like to send that out to support your message.

“George Bailey”

Thanks so much for the good you do in the world.

Jana ( )

Thank you so much, Jana. By sharing this I feel the support o

your shoulder next to mine as you join me in transforming competition into collaboration and foster co-creativity based on knowing there is enough and we are enough.

I allow all of this to move through me rather than negate the complex feelings. I am attempting to stay out of my head and remain in the truth of my heart. Somehow it all matters, and all I need to do is BE, trusting love to be the answer to every question.

As a woman reclaiming my consciousness moment-by-moment in forward and backward steps that are sometimes messy at a glance, I offer a deep bow of gratitude for Jana’s bold beauty and all the ways she lives her life out loud. She nudges me closer to more consistently being all that I am with each choice I make.

I am grateful now to add Jana’s gift of “George Bailey” to a regular morning moving meditation to jump-start my day intentionally. Life is precious, unpredictable, brief, and so much more when we allow it and ourselves to be all that we are innately, beyond the mis-beliefs.

Dance Here and Now, making every moment matter. Transform your “George Bailey”


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