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Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

“Good God, it’s morning!” or “Good morning, God.”

Especially if fatigue permeates you or the pressures nip at

our heals, it may be a challenge to ignite your optimism for the day.

If you can embrace that your attitude shapes your outcome, and choose over and over the path of joy, even if step by step, soon sustainable joy will be a way of life, regardless of your circumstances.

I find great joy in passing along the reminders that come my way to keep me on course. I am delighted to promote those who I feel are authentic in offering their wisdom and information to serve in expanding joy.

Here is a meaningful nudge toward happiness I received today from a dear friend, ongoing mentor, and amazing women, Betty Lue Lieber. I trust it will assist you in having a beautiful day, even when there are storms all around you.

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