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Personal Note from Rhonda – 5 Keys to a More Joy-FULL Life Key # 4 – Give Up

Hello Dear Ones, 

This is subtle, but oh so important! How often have you said, “I give up!” as a statement of despair and exasperation meant to reflect how you feel a victim of your circumstances. It usually means that you are angry that you have not been successful in controlling a situation as you had planned.

At times like these and as hard as you try to get your way, ‘life’ begs you to see that control is only an illusion. With a subtle, but important shift in your perception, “I give up” can take on a whole new meaning. “I give up” can reflect your willingness to surrender your need for control rather than cling to your exasperation and resistance.

Instead of seeing yourself as a victim of life’s circumstances, you can ‘give up’ to a higher power so you can participate as a co-creator (with that Life Force Source Energy by whatever name you choose), and expect miracles rather than the worst possible outcome. Instead of living life with a ‘white-knuckle’ grip, you will find greater peace and joy by loosening your hold, making it easier for you to go with the flow without feeling every bump. At moments like these, trust that a force is at work beyond what you can comprehend that is actually conspiring in your behalf if only you will believe that, regardless of how dire it appears, all is indeed well and you are safe.

Want to “give up” with me, willingly and joyfully?


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