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Plate Spinning and the Wild Goose

“You start dying when you have nothing to live for. You start living when you find something worth dying for.”

— Mark Batterson (author, Wild Goose Chase)


I have at times felt that my life is split. I feel pulled between the needs of my grandkids (one boy with autism, two with ADHD, and a 7 month old grand-daughter on the brink of crawling, all living in Los Angeles), my passion for developing my work and sustainability in a way that is congruent with who I am and in the service of making the world a better place, other worldly demands, my friends in Port Townsend, WA, and my longing for stillness to connect with my spiritual core and rejuvenate.

What if  I tweaked my vision to see this as a whole, rather than divergent parts? What if I shelved any resistance and opened my arms to what is, seeing it as an invitation, rather than an inconvenience?

Happiness calls us. It is a constant, just like the sun, even when sometimes hidden by the clouds. It is not the circumstances that matter most.

To expand my happiness, this week I will practice opening my arms to it all that feeds my intuition rather than my logic. I seldom slide into feeling a slave to it all, although I can get a bit weary. I just wish each day had more hours. But really, what if … what if it were all as it is meant to be? What if these compartments of life are not cages? Who would I be if my energy did not fight what seems to be unfolding and instead expected miracles? What if the adventure is to opportunity to see the blessings in the cracks in the sidewalk and the calling to access all that we are?

I am most alive and joyful when I stretch in reply to an inkling, following an intuitive call into the unknown in a way that defies logic, but feels right.

I don’t see life as the pursuit of playing it safe. Some people really cling to their comfort zone. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate a chance to rest and retreat from time to time, but I know not to get attached to the predictable. Passion and growth come from stepping into the unknown, listening within, welcoming the adventure, and trusting that all is well.


A dear kindred friend and life-coach, Shannon Bruce, referred me to a wonderful book, Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson. I decided to download a sample chapter from the author’s website.

After being drawn into this tidbit with no time to spare, I felt soothed and relieved. I am OK. It’s all OK. My Renaissance Spirit is OK.

I suggest you run, don’t walk, to download your chapter of Wild Goose Chase, too . I love the way Mark Batterson writes. The description and story of a Wild Goose connected with me in a powerful way.

So, what used to feel like being pulled in too many directions now feels like an adventure so many women I know are on. I feel reasured that I am most certainly on the road of conscious happiness.

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