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Precious Present Moment

Precious Present Moment

personal note from Rhonda

I have often wondered what life was like before we were forced from present moment savoring by alarm clocks. About a hundred years ago the information experienced over two years is comparable to what we now are expected to process each day!Time saving conveniences held the promise of extra time for our own enjoyment, but instead we applied our ‘saved’ moments to running faster and accomplishing more. Many of us have accumulated more things with less time to enjoy them. Research indicates we are none the happier. With good intentions, we unconsciously morphed into human DOings, too often forgetting how to be human BEings.

Women, especially, are masters of multi-tasking. We have learned to take great pride in the label, often promote it as an asset on our resume, measure our worth compared to the ‘doing-ness’ abilities of ot

ers, yet often as a result we will nurture ourselves last. We put off something that brings us joy just because we didn’t plan for it, are too rigid to depart from our routine, and are too exhausted even if we did. We fear that slowing down will be counterproductive to our success and that being happy will render us a non-productive and complacent lump on the couch.

Rest assured that the greatest gift you can offer another human being is to take full accountability and responsibility for your own happiness. So, what are you waiting for? What will you savor today? What simple pleasure will you take time to enjoy?



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