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Reflections on the Pursuit of Happiness

Reflections on the Pursuit of Happiness

personal note from Rhonda

I would much rather know that I lived boldly, laughter until I peed my pants on occasion, and left a meaningful legacy based on love, whether or not I had accumulated things are checked everything off of my TO DO list.

Deep and active connection, a willingness to benefit from heartache, self-love, and acceptance of others in all their uniqueness can be easily absorbed as the lasting energy carried with us at our final passing as well as the legacy we leave behind. This is infinite abundance!

Although as a nation I know the United States has become hyper-vigilant. We live in a free-floating anxiety as a result of being inundated with all that is wrong in the world as skewed by our media in a way that we absorb the distortion of these events as true and lose sight of all that IS working. When we get trapped in reacting to life, we often prefer to be ‘right’ rather than ‘happy.’ Fear causes us to use force with a trigger finger and react to the choices we have as a helpless victim.

“For those who would joyously march in rank and file, they have already earned my contempt, for they were given a large brain by accident when a spinal cord would have sufficed.”

— Albert Einstein

The most interesting and complicated journey is only 16 inches, the journey from our head to our heart. An essential key to a more fulfilling journey here is to learn the value in responding, rather than reacting. Lead with love. It serves us all far more to take a stand for peace that to fight against anything… war, drugs, terrorism, injustice or poverty. It’s more than semantics. It is a key to the miracle we need.

So today I recommit to life, liberty and happiness right now. I do believe that love is truly the answer to every question, and with 7 billion people on the planet, if I ask and am willing to receive, I will discover that I am not alone.

I am not perfect, but love is. I may mess up, but love heals all. I am not ‘Polly Anna,’ I have no rose-colored glasses, nor am I naive to how complex life is. However, I am committed to fostering our greater good by linking arms and creating an energy force field with those understand the power of love and are equally committed to celebrating freedom and forgiveness by taking full responsibility for our own joy and dedicated to seeing and being grateful for the wonders that do exist, even when life sucks.



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